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Company buys high-tech drones for civilian use

Daily Mail WVThe sky behind the former Bonham Elementary School was buzzing with flying devices Wednesday and Thursday as Metatron Unmanned Solutions, a local drone company, demonstrated its new line of commercial Drone Volt drones.Metatron also held a reception to...

As drones grow, so do tools to take them down

Psst. Want a hot stock tip? Think ECMs. Suddenly drones are everywhere and not just the ones your kids keep crashing in the backyard. Drones are buzzing over crowded public places and creating nightmares for law enforcement and private security personnel. Days...

Sky is the limit in drone opportunities

When Travis Snyder left Scott High School in 2007, he was “done” with public school. So it’s a little ironic that the 29-year-old tech “genius” (as his boss refers to him) spends his workdays in a classroom at the former Bonham Elementary School. Snyder designs,...

Company offers drone flights with industrial applications

By Andrew BrownOver the next year, the federal government estimates that 1.9 million more commercially-operated drones will be added to the country's skies. Some local business executives are positioning themselves to take advantage of that 21st-century...

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