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Metatron is a licensed resaler of DRONE VOLT. DRONE VOLT provides overall solutions for the professional industries. Whether you are searching for a pilot, training to become one, repair or maintenance for your drone, or even undertaking administrative actions, DRONE VOLT will guide and assist you along the way to ensure your business is successful. Metatron’s professional drone sales team is right here in the USA and is available to discuss all types of drone needs.


We can help with technical observation tasks in the fields of construction, security, and even artistic fields. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more. 


We help to serve construction, security, and a host of other industries meet their business needs. Discover more information about how we can help your business.

Happy customers


Dronevolt USA has been a terrific company to work with. I provide high-end construction services for expensive real estate. When aerial footage was required, Dronevolt was the only source I trusted to deliver the exceptional quality I needed.

- D. Garrison

President / CEO

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