Aerialtronics ZENITH

The Altura Zenith sets a precedent for the design of unmanned aircraft systems, by combining state of the art technology with a remarkably flat, compact and lightweight carbon fibre design. Starting from scratch enabled the creation of a radically novel idea: developing a multirotor aircraft system that can meet a wide variety of application requirements without compromising on design.


Professional grade drones that outperform the competition

Up to 40 minutes flight time

Equipped with the latest high performance and high capacity battery, the Zenith can fly for up to 40 minutes.

EMC tested & IP55 rated by TÜV

Tested against TÜV industry standards, ensuring a safe operation in adverse weather and high electromagnetic fields.


High level redundancy

8 motors ensure redundancy by design, coupled with redundant IMUs you’ll never be let down.

Largest payload range

Virtually any payload can be adapted to fit the unique Altura Cardan payload connection.


We can help with technical observation tasks in the fields of construction, security, and even artistic fields. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more. 

Happy customers


Dronevolt USA has been a terrific company to work with. I provide high-end construction services for expensive real estate. When aerial footage was required, Dronevolt was the only source I trusted to deliver the exceptional quality I needed.

- D. Garrison

President / CEO

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