DRONE VOLT, an embedded artificial intelligence expert and manufacturer of professional civil drones, and its partner PROTEC Group, a security expert, have been awarded “Large Events including the 2024 Paris Olympic Games” labeling by the “Security Industries” section Strategic Committee in connection with the MILIPOL Paris 2019 trade show for three drone solutions covering a period of five years. The labeled solutions contributing to the security of large events can be seen at the DRONE VOLT stand (HALL 5A – Pavillon GICAT – Stand F179) at the MILIPOL trade show:

HERCULES 10 v2 tethered drone
Linked to a power source, this tethered drone can fly and perform surveillance on a continuous basis up to an altitude of 100 meters in stationary flight. For surveillance missions involving sporting events, several HERCULES 10 tethered drones can be deployed to form a network connected to a command post. An artificial intelligence system can be incorporated into this network in order to detect unusual crowd movements. The system offers continuous access to a global aerial vision on a round the clock, real time and secured basis. This powerful drone stands out for its modularity, switching from tethered mode to standard multicopter mode.

HERCULES 10 v2 equipped with the FLIR IBAC 1 system
This compact, robust drone equipped with the FLIR IBAC 1 system allows the detection of biological agents. The HERCULES 10 can also carry other sensors, including the programmable PENSAR camera with artificial intelligence algorithms allowing the real time analysis of images or data for a broad range of applications such as reconnaissance and detection missions.

The HERCULES 2 is a professional mini drone weighing two kilograms that is entirely produced using 3D printing. Easily transportable, it is equipped with daylight and thermal cameras. This drone is ideal for surveillance missions. With autonomy around 20 minutes and speed that can reach 90 km/h, this drone can fly in difficult weather conditions and resist winds up to 50 km/h. The label has been accorded for five years by a jury made up of independent experts including industry experts, users of large event security solutions and technical experts.

For each of the labeled solutions, the jury took into account five criteria linked to:

– The quality of the company

– The technical solution

– Innovation

– The social and legal impact

– Development and/or production in France

“We are proud of obtaining, alongside our partner PROTEC Group, this label in connection with as prestigious an event as the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The synergy between the DRONE VOLT Group’s technological expertise in the drone area and the PROTEC Group’s expertise in site and event security has enabled us to obtain industry recognition of our innovative solutions,” stated Olivier Gualdoni, chairman / CEO of DRONE VOLT.