Drone Volt, an embedded artificial intelligence expert and manufacturer of professional civil drones, has announced new partnerships with U.S.-based companies Robotic Skies Inc and Metatron Unmanned Solutions to expand commercial UAS business opportunities in the U.S. The partnerships combine Drone Volt’s professional-grade drone technology with Robotic Skies’ maintenance, manufacturing, and regulatory expertise and Metratron’s sales, training, and services capabilities to make it easier for U.S. businesses to establish and maintain a UAS program.

“At Drone Volt, we aim to provide complete solutions for customers who operate our UAS in the professional industries, including certified pilot services, pilot training, and drone repair and maintenance,” stated Olivier Gualdoni, chairman and CEO of Drone Volt. “The partnerships with Robotic Skies and with Metatron allow us to provide fully integrated support for our U.S. customers as they adopt unmanned aerial vehicle technology into their businesses.”

Metatron Unmanned Solutions will serve as Drone Volt’s U.S. distribution and training services partner. Metatron will soon take delivery of four Hercules 2 mini-drones, a platform designed and built for reconnaissance missions across a broad range of applications in the defense, construction, inspection, and security sectors. Customers who purchase the Hercules 2 will have the opportunity to enroll in “Drone Volt Flight Academy,” a two-week course that covers systems training, data collection and analysis, and more. The course helps customers quickly and safely incorporate drone technology into their operations.

“The team at Metatron is thrilled to partner with Drone Volt on creating a superior customer experience,” said Travis Snyder, Metatron’s chief pilot and certified instructor. “We believe that proper education and training on how to operate drone systems is key to the overall safety and success of the unmanned industry. This partnership allows us to deliver on our mission to help companies succeed in this growing industry, creating more jobs and more efficiency across the board.”

Robotic Skies will serve as Drone Volt’s global maintenance partner. Robotic Skies founder and CEO, Brad Hayden, stated:

“The vision of the unmanned industry we share with our partner Drone Volt is one that brings together high-performance mission capabilities and an aviation safety-culture mindset. The emerging commercial UAS fleet will need ongoing inspections, repair, and maintenance to assure reliability and safety. Our turnkey support offerings are a natural complement to keeping the Drone Volt fleet operating as safely and efficiently as possible.”

The Robotic Skies Service Center network is comprised of certified repair stations that employ the quality, standards and practices of manned aviation maintenance in the unmanned aviation market. Robotic Skies services include routine and field maintenance, inspections, parts distribution, and upgrades.