The survey process for natural disasters like hurricanes used to involve putting other human beings at risk in an attempt to save lives and property. And while the human element will always be required for search and rescue efforts, aerial drone surveying provided by Metatron offers the life-saving technology that gives rescue crews a comprehensive sitemap of the devastation caused by natural disasters.

The process involves utilizing aerial drones to capture high-resolution images and video of the disaster sites from bridges to buildings and a host of other structures. The end goal is to determine the integrity of the structure for a future search and rescue mission. When the drone is surveying the area, the footage can be viewed in real time by members of the rescue team. Essentially, aerial drone technology acts as the first wave of the rapid response team in search and rescue efforts.

After search and rescue have been completed, surveying the real cost of damage begins. Again, Metatron can provide a comprehensive visual report for insurance inspections ensuring that no individual is harmed in the inspection process and accurate figures can be attained.

The end result is time saved and potential lives spared. And the proof has already been demonstrated across the world. Several countries including the United States have utilized aerial drone technology for rapid response rescue. Following a natural disaster, the survival rate falls by up to just 7% if trapped and/or injured survivors are not found in the first five days, according to Wired Magazine.

Our network of dedicated, well-trained, and certified drone operators can mobilize to be on a rapid response unit within just a few hours depending on the location. We are FAA certified and have a long history of providing structural integrity evaluations using aerial drones.