Drone Killer Counter-UAS Technology

The Drone Killer disables Unmanned Air Vehicles of all types. The Drone Killer enables Defense and Security Forces to thwart the use of drones by criminals and enemy combatants for surveillance and direct attacks to drop bombs, grenades, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on fighting forces. The Drone Killer can also be used by First Responders and others to disable a drone being operated in restricted air space or when a drone is interfering with their operations.

Current counter-UAS system technology includes radio frequency (RF) command and control (C2) disruption systems (e.g., “electronic fences”) and directed energy weapons. These systems protect forward operating bases, airports, and other strategic high-asset facilities. These systems are large and stationary; they cannot be used where mobility is crucial. In addition, UAS threats are more prevalent at the front lines, at small checkpoints and outposts, and remote areas where convoys, dismounted warfighters, and security personnel on missions away from well-established air control assets.

The Drone Killer is a cost effective counter-UAS unit ideal for Defense and Security teams deployed World- Wide. The Drone Killer adds counter-UAS capabilities to mobile forces that cannot use large systems that add weight and require added power sources. The Drone Killer is compact and light-weight, able to be deployed from inside light vehicles or by dismounted warfighters in mobile units, strike teams, checkpoints, forward outposts, and security response teams. Mobile units with the Drone Killer provide gap-filling coverage and pursuit capabilities that complement larger, more costly fixed-location automated UAS defense systems.


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  • Disrupts C2 link and/or GPS, forcing targets to descend or go home

  • Compact and lightweight; compatible with defense & security personnel load out

  • Fast to use (<3 seconds), train (<1 minute), and deploy with near-zero


  •  Rugged “security personnel-proof” no-snag polymer body & operator features

  • RF sensor detects WPAN/LAN activity and night/dusk/dawn targeting aid

  • LED settings: night-time ultra-dim to medium light to direct sunlight bright

  • Cost effective – Lower cost than all other available units

Applications & Deployment Examples

The Drone Killer is ideal for Warfighters, Security Personnel, and First Responders requiring Anti-UAS technology.

Warfighter Protection

o Mobile units - Strike Teams - Security Response Teams o Convoys - Checkpoints – Outposts - Remote Facilities o Tracking drones back to point of origin

Security Personnel

o VIP protection - Anti-Surveillance - Terrorism

First Responders

o Disables Interference and Surveillance – Controls Airspace o Assures Operations Safety – Allows Tracking

dronekiller gun with logo.jpg


One or more Drone Killer units deployed per mobile team or convoy (lead and rear) operating in regions having uncontrolled airspace would provide an umbrella of UAS protection.

In fixed locations having automated counter-UAS electronic fence systems, deploying the Drone Killer can fill in any gaps identified in the system that are affected by line of sight or physical obstructions. This type of deployment would fill gaps in protection coverage, extend spots of range, and provide pursuit and takedown capabilities beyond the immediate radius of coverage.

Upon detecting unknown UAS activity, a Drone Killer unit would disable a UAS within a few seconds.

The Drone Killer is easy to use and requires minimal training and practice by an operator to disable a UAS.

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